Jideonwor Gabriel Udoka official chief executive officer of vivid Art Gallery Nigeria. He hails from Delta State Asaba, lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He also graduated from Lagos State Polytechnic Ikorodu, (HND) studied Art and Industrial Design (painting).

STYLE: Realism and Impressionism and Abstract 

Artists whose styles have influenced his work are Leonardo Da Vinci, Abdullasalam Abdukareem, Abiodun olaku, Barbara Bradley, Voka.

“As much as I enjoy doing it, the fusion of colors is still a wonder to me and I feel so happy to every piece I make by His grace. ”

“To me painting is like making love. Each time I hold the paintbrush I feel delighted like a little child holding the best gift ever and each time I strike the brush on a canvas it feels like as if I should always paint. ”

“My best form of communication is through art. Art communicates with the soul – which is why I use art to address societal issues, give hope to people,transmit the beauty and richness of life.”

“My inspiration comes from God and everything HE has created.”

EXHIBITIONS:(South Africa,Johannesburg… World music and arts festival 2016. (Nigeria, Lagos Island, art salon show 2016.)

Commissioned:Madeleine Touria Godard, The Netherlands, (rat race, metamorphosis); Nike Art Gallery, Nigeria, (Innocent) ; Gbenga Daniel Adebayo, Nigeria, (landscapes, portraits)etc.

Project: Lagos state polytechnic (SM AND BS) mural wall painting.